”Bad” days are ROOT DAYS! – Sven-Alex Trygg’s Wake-Up Calls

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Have you ever had a bad day?

Have you ever had a great idea, filled with confidence and eager to get started, and then after a while feel totally down and questioning how you could ever imagine going through with this great endevour?

Congratulations! A talkative Birch taught me that there are natural laws, natural cycles in play here, based upon laws of change, growth and the flow of Life itself. Watching this clip might very well change the way you interpret the ups and downs in your life and thereby changing your life.

Let’s be all we can be, walk our own unique paths and get the party started. 🙂

PS I know my spoken English isn’t perfect, and therefore I have been hesitant when it comes to recording clips in English. However, the other day I was suddenly filled with some sort of eager certainty and the path was clear: As my vision, and mission, is global, I must of-course go pass my own fear in this respect. Swedish does not have quite the same reach as English… If you are like me, love sharing via video, speaking more ”swenglish” than English – or are blessed with another accent – and are waiting for the day when you wake up and suddenly speaks fluent English with a perfect pronounciation. Well, don’t wait, just gor for it anyway. We will learn by doing, and don’t as many people as possible deserve the chance to hear what you have to share?

4 Comments on “”Bad” days are ROOT DAYS! – Sven-Alex Trygg’s Wake-Up Calls”

  1. Thank you for reminding me about this cycle! I had forgotten and I read your post exactly when I needed to remember that it’s ok and a part of life. Just like a breath in and out.
    It’s so easy to feel bad about feeling bad.
    I guess I am today in such a root day today too. I wonder how I can help it best to let it go deep so it will sustain some more magnificent new branches.
    Live well !

  2. Greetings!

    Thanks for your comment! SLightly late reply from my side. 😉 I believe the process takes care of itself, and the reason we are having these – tough – days are because we are growing!

    Something I realized is awesome these days is taking a walk in nature. Preferrably barefoot. It really helps these days, as I am then aligning myself with natural cycles and processes.

    All the best!

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