When the Inner Fire needs to be set free!

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A Calling Strong

As you may recall, have you been following my postings of late, I am currently on sick leave for a few months due to “exhaustion”, or being “burnt out”, which is the accepted way of describing SOS – Switched On Syndrome. If you are in the same situation, or are having any of the symptoms I decribed in my videoclip, you are also most probably blessed with SOS. If you deny your life-force and your calling for too long, you will be forced to slow down – sometimes to a full stop – when your body simply does not let you deny yourself any longer.

Much of my time and thought these days circle around my future, how to proceed from here in a way that benefits both me (does not suck me dry and slowly kill me), society and Earth.

Well, when it comes to Earth it does not need saving as I see it. Take away us humans, add 100 000 years or so – really no time at all when you are a planet – and any sign that we were ever here will most probbaly be gone. Maybe has this happened before. Anyway, what awakens more and more inside of me, is some sort of calling. When thinking back, this calling has been with me since before I could walk. Crawling around in Nature tasting whatever pine cone or twig I could find, I developed a deep connection with the forces and processes of Nature at a very young age. This connection has deepened as I grew older, and has now reached a level where Nature has become my healer, teacher and mentor in more ways that I can fathom.

I just have to let it out

I have this deep urge to let information flow through me. If anyone listens to it or use it is of less importance for some reason, I just need to let it flow through me.

And I feel really uncomfortable if I try to stop the flow! When I neglect this fire inside I experience feelings bordering to anxiety! A very interesting situation, that I have never been in before, as far as I know anyway. Maybe periods of discomfort in my life simly has been due to the blocking of information that wanted to be set free through me?

The information that now flows through me seems to be an amalgamation of bits and pieces of information that I have gathered through life combined with new information to make the image or map more complete. The symbolism is that I have been collecting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle through my life, unaware of what I was doing, and the time has now come to put it all together.

Seeds Sprouting – Timelines – Opening of the Heart

Symbolism is strong in my inner worlds, and that spills out in whatever I create in the outer world as well. The information that I cannot stop from flowing through me has to do with things as the sprouting of (heart-)seeds, timelines that will perish or grow stronger, being at the edge of one reality (that is simply dying) looking for a bridge to another, black hole-effects in our lives, fog of confusion, power choices to activate the Force of Nature in our lives etc.

It has to do with both staying alive in the times to come and living fully, as the beings we truly are.

For a few weeks now I am living alone in a small cabin in the woods, and being “soaked” in the powerful vibrations of nature 24/7 has really turbo-charged my connection. As they say, the Wi-Fi might be bad, but the connection is awesome! I chose to invest in a new note taking app for my iPad – Good Notes 4, awesome app – in order to “ease” the flow from my inside to my outside and the information keeps coming.

Going international

As you might have noticed, I am more and more using English as my main langugage in blog-posts and video clips. This is part of this calling I mentioned as well. The more I open up to it, and let it fill my being, the more I realise how small I have been thinking. I was “told” that I need to think bigger. I cannot limit myself to Sweden and Swedish if I am to do what I came to this beautiful planet to do. A strong feeling of discomfort “hugged” me until I realized this and took action to enlarge my “mission area”.

Ok, back to what I was discussing at the beginning of this post – how to proceed in my life in a way that benefits me, society and Earth. I realise that I need to create, to share, to do my very best to “make a dent in the Universe” and leave this place better than when I arrived. I want my daughter to grow up in a world that lets her flourish!

I also need to do this in a way that lets me be free enoghg to stay in tune with Nature, as I feel it is imperative to be in sync with Nature in order to continually receive new information.

Using technology – Web based teaching

The only way I see this being manifested in the scale needed – without me having to leave Nature, “lock” my days and be personally present for every person reached and touched – is by making full use the available technology. The only way I see this being doable is by distributing this information – this “Life Pod” – in the form of an online course in English. I have stumbled upon Simplero as the all-in-one-solution that I most probably will go for.

If I were to limit myself to give talks, coach one-on-one, and arrange courses in Nature, it would simply not be enough. There’s not enough time.

Latest insight – I cannot do it alone

The fact that I cannot execute this world changing international mission alone might be clear to most people. Not to me at first. I did not realize what a hard core “individualist” I was! Seeing the movie “Burnt” about a chef doing a come back going for three stars in the “Guide Michelin” gave me the last push towards the insight that I need to team up with like-minded people to be able to pull this one off. Like a living organism in sync with the flow of life, each and every person having the same goal, doing what each and every person loves and is best at. The movie. It was a single line that hit me: “No one succeeds alone”.

So, I have put this “order” out into the “Ether” and also let my personal support-team (most of us have teams that supports us from a more “all seeing” position) know that I now realize that I need – and openly accept – all the help I can get. I am confident that I will find my new “pack” at the precise time and we will create magic, miracles and wonders together.

Until then, I will continue to attune more and more to Nature and the changes that are upon us, allow my inner fire more and more expression, and put the pieces together to shape a course that will provide, among other things, a map, ways to activate our inner compass, and practical and simple techniques to sync with the forces of nature so they can to aid us in our journey towards a full, thriving, harmonious and vibrant life. How would it feel to know that you are truly fully alive?

I wish you all the best, ask that you walk your own path in life, and if you would like to have updates about this international endeavour of mine, please subscribe to this blog.

With love,


“The only people who can change the world are people who want to. And not everybody does.” – Hugh MacLeod

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